January-February 2017

Do you ever sit and ponder the nature of human behavior and just laugh? We are really curious creatures, aren’t we? It has been said that the natural tendency of living organisms is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It sounds logical, but is it really true? Sure, there are the kinds of pleasures that are circumstantial, stuff we can buy, … [Read more...]

November-December 2016

I for one am looking forward to the shorter days and longer nights. I feel I could really use a good rest, how about you? Wouldn’t you love a long winter’s nap, a hibernation to digest all that has happened in the last year? The question for most of us remains, will we be able to follow our natural instincts for an extended period of rest and … [Read more...]

September-October 2016

It has been like that lately. Lots of opportunities to see where I still need to expand my consciousness. And I mean LOTS. It can feel frustrating to feel like I need to surrender, yet again. But balance is not something you create one time and you’re done. As we approach another election, I can’t help but think how many of us get thrown off … [Read more...]

July-August 2016

Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender in love, Because there follows immediate peace. – From the Bhagavad Gita As I write this issue’s note, it is a mere few days after the horrific massacre in Orlando Florida. Pundits spin and spew in an attempt to sway our … [Read more...]

May-June 2016

Did you ever have such a hard time speaking what was in your heart that it actually physically hurt? Since the publication of the last issue, I lost my father. It feels like I should have some really great insights to share about grief. But I realize that there is nothing I can say, no pearls of wisdom to impart, no aha moments to convey, no … [Read more...]