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I for one am looking forward to the shorter days and longer nights. I feel I could really use a good rest, how about you? Wouldn’t you love a long winter’s nap, a hibernation to digest all that has happened in the last year? The question for most of us remains, will we be able to follow our natural instincts for an extended period of rest and digest? It has been a challenging year in terms of self-care; as in I didn’t partake in nearly enough of it! Did you? It is funny how even the best-intentioned people, including practitioners of healing arts designed to help others, often get out of balance, ending up in place where we are out of alignment with not just the rhythms of nature, but with our own fundamental values and the essence of our true nature.

So as we move into the holiday season, where it is easy to succumb to overspending and overindulging simply out of habit, let’s pause and reflect on the motivations underneath our actions. In this season of giving, why are we giving and where is our giving coming from? Is it rooted in a deep sense of authentic gratitude? Or are we trying to quell feelings of inadequacy by pleasing others with the perfect gift? And what about considering gifting ourselves with self-care? Self-care may include some much-deserved pampering, but the basic self-care I’m referring to is that of a sustained spiritual practice, good clean, nutritious food, plenty of rest, regular movement, supportive relationships and work we love that fulfills us.

This end of year rest and digest, this integration of experience, isn’t meant to send us off looking for perfection, though I believe that happens and can be the basis for miscalculated resolutions for the coming year. We are meant to live a life filled with happiness and joy, not a life of perfection. Perfection, human perfection, is an imaginary state that is not achievable. It is our mind’s way of keeping us searching, and if we are busy focused on searching, we are not in the present, In-Joying. Hibernation is what allows us to look at our experiences, not with a disdainful eye, but with openness and curiosity. Where can we expand? What opportunities do we have to evolve into higher expressions of ourselves?

I hope you take the opportunity to create a self-care moment right now. Sit and relax, enjoy a cup of tea, and delve into the insights in this issue. And, if you can manage it, Happy Hibernating!

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In this issue:

  • Choosing Love: Letting Go of the Trauma of Autism
  • Finding Comfort in Impermanence
  • Undoing the Mind
  • A Rich Experience
  • Pain: A Messenger for Change
  • Plasma Science, Free Energy and Consciousness
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