November - December 2012When I was a kid, I had a hard time trying to imagine what the year 2012 would be like; it seemed so impossibly far away. And now here we are, at the infamous end of the Mayan calendar that we have been waiting years, well, 26,0000 years, for.

I am as curious as anyone else about what will unfold in the next few months. When tapping into intuition, I and others I know have gotten mixed signals about what might take place on a global scale. In a recent Angel Board Session, King Solomon said events would take place preceding the Galactic Alignment that we would find difficult to believe were actually happening, but that disbelief would be rooted in love and truth and that these events were necessary to awaken those who still slumber.

It got me thinking, what is my responsibility toward those who ‘still slumber’? Which in turn got me thinking about how people frame their spiritual journey. If still immersed in a dualistic paradigm, we may think in terms of MY journey, MY enlightenment, how am I doing on MY spiritual path? Buddhists call this spiritual materialism and it is a common pitfall: to have one’s ego co-opt what cannot even be understood by the mind and hold onto it like a prized possession.

It seems as though this vein of thinking would have us believe, well I can sit back, I’ve done my work, I’ve raised my vibration through various practices, I’ve cleared Karma, and everyone else is on his/her own. Can we really be this competitive about spiritual enlightenment? The true mark of shifting into a non-dual paradigm would be that we want for others the very things we want for ourselves; that we would be accountable to the whole, for we would understand our interconnectedness. I do believe that shift has already begun; in fact I think we are decades into it. And the Galactic Alignment will serve to accelerate that movement in the direction of community and collaboration.

We know that a birth is imminent, a rite of passage into a new, hopefully more peaceful and harmonious era. The truth is it is all about perspective. It always has been. It is not about the events themselves that transpire in our lives, but how we manage to deal with them. Do we resist change and struggle to hang onto the old because we think it is the best life has to offer us? Or do we embrace change, looking for opportunities, remaining ever grateful to the Presence, the One Source. I plan to celebrate this birth in the spirit of local and global community, regardless of what the labor pains may look like. From the magical time December 12 to December 22nd, I invite you to celebrate too!

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  • Snow’s Secret Vibrations
  • Your Mother’s Food Really IS Better
  • Truth vs. What We Think is True
  • The Galatic Alignment & Maya Abdominal Therapy
  • Acknowledging Our God-ness
  • Becoming a Green Business
  • The Empowerment of Birth
  • A Question of Incentive
  • Natural Ways to Treat or Prevent High Blood Pressure
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