Blessings! As we move into the winter months with shorter days and colder temperatures, it is the time of year that naturally encourages us to turn inward.  Though in modern life, filled with busyness and conveniences such as artificial light, it is easy to miss or ignore the clues from our bodies and psyches that it is time to slow down, time for introspection.

We know that energy is in constant motion.  If we do not move in accordance with the natural rhythms of its shifts and changes, allowing ourselves to flow with its currents, we can become stuck, stagnant.  Being still and contemplative allows us to see where we may be in resistance.  It’s all about our perspective and how tightly we choose to hold onto our beliefs and opinions about ourselves and the world we live in.  If we struggle against the natural need for movement and transformation, we can end up being dragged along kicking and screaming.

This is an exciting time to be alive!  There is rapid transformation happening.  We have witnessed a lot of ‘meltdowns’ in recent months.   And we say “good for you!”  By going through shifts and changes (either willingly or reluctantly) we are transmuting lower frequency energies, benefiting not only the individual, but also the collective.  When we become comfortable with the concepts of impermanence, detachment, the inevitability of change, and comfortable with uncertainty, our process of Transformation, when we do not resist it, can be an art form.

It is also a season filled with celebration.  Many of our deeply meaningful celebrations have been hijacked by the culture of consumerism for the purpose of maximizing profit, by getting us to believe that there are purchases we cannot live without; creating anxiety about finding ‘the perfect gift’.

What we really need is to restore deep meaning to our gatherings and celebrations, understanding that it is each other that we need; we need connection and community more than we need ‘stuff’; we need presence more than we need presents.  The perfect gift is for each of us to be introspective, to move through our transitions and transformations so that we may collectively gain a vibrational maturity that allows us to truly shift the world into a new way of being.  Be mindful when gathering for 11:11:11, Winter Solstice, or any holiday you choose to celebrate.

It is our hope that the selection of articles in this issue will help you slow down, be introspective and facilitate an artful transformation in as peaceful and graceful a way possible.  And if you wish to share meaningful gifts during this season, please support our advertisers.  Our advertisers support the mission of E.P.I.C., and they all offer products and services that are conscious, creative, and can assist in the art of transformation.

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In this issue:

  • How to Live to 100: Lessons form Grandma
  • A Step Away from Peace
  • #Occupy Wall Street
  • Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval
  • Creating Community, One Cup of Tea at a Time

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