May-June 2017

A dear friend, and our business coach, recently took us through an “eye-of-the-storm” meditation. It was the perfect remedy; exactly what I needed to be reminded that we have a choice to engage in the seeming chaos swirling around us or remain calm and centered at the eye of the storm. What was so impactful about the meditation was the embodiment of peace and understanding, at a new level, that peace is a reality that is constant; it is always there for the choosing.

This profound experience of peace helped me put my last trip around the sun in perspective. I told my friends that toward the end of last year I felt eager to be “done” with the energy of 2016. It was a year of significant stress: the loss of my father and the pressure of simultaneously being in school and a business accelerator. I was looking forward to saying goodbye to 2016 and ushering in something new. We planned a trip to Sedona as a getaway and goal-setting session for the coming year. Then, the day before New Years Eve, I fell and cut my hand on a glass, requiring 5 stiches!

January brought another death in the family and 2017 was off to a start that seemed hauntingly reminiscent of that 2016 energy we were so eager to expunge. It made me realize that I was waiting for circumstances to change. I was anticipating an end, a shift, some kind of relief in an illusory future. What I learned is that somewhere in my psyche I was still holding on to a belief that if I am smart enough, spiritual enough, fill-in-the-blank enough there is some future point of all-rightness where the proverbial ship comes in and good things happen because I have worked ever so hard on self-realization. No! Mastery is not an end point; it is being able to be the eye of the storm.

I am not claiming that I have taken up permanent residence in the eye of the storm, and I am sure this next trip around the sun will offer many opportunities for me to practice eye-of-the-storm consciousness, because, let’s face it stuff happens. And mastery is not about getting to a point where only good stuff happens. It is about choosing peace and eye-of-the-storm consciousness regardless of what happens. As always, we hope the articles inside will further your path of mastery, help you choose eye-of-the-storm consciousness and embody peace.

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