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We are so proud to host the return of Edwene Gaines to Durango. When we started this magazine four years ago, we saw it had the potential to help many healers, artists, authors and cultural creative of all kinds, to thrive. And while we have, and continue to make strides toward that goal, and Edwene’s visit did impact those who attended The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity last year, with her simple, effective message about abundance as our birthright, we feel there is more work to be done to shift the prosperity consciousness of Durango and the surrounding communities.

“If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.” Everyone’s heard this statement and can apply it to some aspect of their life. We know first hand the level of dedication, commitment, faith and action it takes to make a shift in consciousness. Action is the bridge between the unseen and the seen: between desire and outcome. As we couple commitment and action we see change unfold more rapidly in our lives. We don’t make lasting changes by trying something once: one green drink; five minutes of meditation a month; relinquishing our judgments one time; we must take action daily.

In order to make any significant shift in our lives, we must regularly immerse ourselves in the vibration of that which we desire to attract. It is only by being in alignment, in vibrational harmony with that which we seek to manifest, that it can appear as an outward expression of circumstance. And when we are attempting to raise or sustain our vibrational frequency, it helps to be in the vibration of teachers who have already achieved such an alignment. Edwene Gaines, a self-described woman of power, is one such teacher.

When we are in the process of refining our frequency, it feels good to be in the company of like-minded people: people who are vibrating at a similar rate. But ultimately, if we have dedicated our lives to being part of the soulution, dedicated ourselves to the grander awakening of all humanity, then at some point, don’t we have to venture out of that comfort zone, brining that refined frequency we have worked so hard to attain into the mass consciousness, in order to positively effect it?

We are dedicated to empowering people and inspiring community. It is one of E.P.I.C.’s goals to help shift the prosperity consciousness of our community to the realization of All Needs Met. If you have yet to fully embody that realization, we invite you to TAKE ACTION by attending The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. If you have already achieved that realization, we encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone and personally invite those who you wish to see empowered by Edwene’s message.

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In this issue:

  • Ayahuasca Odyssey
  • Herbal Allies for Allergies
  • A Naturalist’s View on Evolution
  • Unheard Whispers
  • Maitreya the World Teacher
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