May - June 2013Welcome to the second anniversary edition of E.P.I.C. magazine! We are celebrating two years, not only with a great art show and party, but also by expanding and starting a second edition of the magazine in the Albuquerque area. So the upcoming July/August issue will be twice as E.P.I.C.!

It’s hard to believe we have been at this for two years. Two years worth of great articles, ads, recipes, poems, art, events and more. Two years of sweat, some tears, and as far as I know, no blood; well, maybe a little. And two years worth of publishers’ notes. It is always the last thing that gets our attention before we go to print, and yet when I sit to write, Spirit always has something in mind. So today, when I sat in front of the computer and started typing, I asked,” Where is this one going?” “Forgiveness” was the reply.

I must say there have been times throughout my life when I have been guilty of paying only lip service to the concept of forgiveness. In fact I can say with some certainty that when I was in my twenties, I did not even understand what TRUE forgiveness was. Now, I work with it on nearly a daily basis. It is one of the most powerful energies in existence for transformation. Forgiveness has the potential to act as a true alchemical agent. But, as with all spiritual tools, it only works if you actually use it. I remember years ago I was in a workshop with a spiritual teacher and someone asked, “How do I know when I’ve forgiven someone completely?” The teacher replied, “When you no longer have to ask that question.”

The key to true forgiveness is that you have to surrender all of your judgments; something the ego is NOT fond of. But luckily, it is something the Soul does easily and gracefully. Unconditional love is not possible without forgiveness. And you can’t forgive “only a little”. If the surrendering of our judgments is not complete, then we still have some (unhealthy) attachment to the person or situation we are trying to forgive. There really is no “trying” to forgive. You either forgive, surrendering completely, or the ego prevails in hanging on to the judgments that are the basis for seeing the world in terms of “self” and “other”. In other words, the ego succeeds in keeping us in a state of perceived separation. It is a powerful realization when we finally understand that when we forgive, we are really forgiving ourselves, because there is only one of us.

So as we approach another powerful Solstice gateway, here is to deep, experiential, full-being forgiveness!

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In this issue:

  • Are Animals Conscious?
  • The Promise and Potential beneath Our Grief
  • Pilates: Returning to Life
  • Connecting with the Divine Masculine
  • It’s Never Too Late (or too soon) To Live Your Dream
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