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The arrival of Spring is accompanied by a perennial, heightened sense of anticipation; a feeling that something good is on its way, we just need to be present, emptying ourselves of all that has come before that can act as a lingering film on the lenses of our perspective. Spring, with all of its newness, entices us into a practice of reverential alertness.

Sometimes, in fact most times, as I prepare to write these notes, I experience the evidence of my own lingering film on the lenses of my awareness. I come up against my own tendency toward procrastination that shows up as the reiteration of false beliefs; how easily one can be stifled by the echoes of the sounds of one’s youth.

As I sought inspiration this day, I opened myself up to Spirit, as I often do, to see who had something to contribute. I immediately felt the presence of Yogananda on my left side. “Well”, I asked, “what shall we write about?”

“How about consciousness? It is, after all, that which precedes ALL else.”

“ Hmm. Seems like kind of a broad topic for a publishers’ note, especially since the entire magazine is dedicated to raising consciousness. Anything specific?”

“Let us speak specifically of Spiritual Partnership. In Spiritual Partnership you support your beloved in pursuit of the Truth. You desire for them the attainment of their chosen goals, and at the same time remain detached from what his or her methodology may look like, even if the methodology and/or the goals seem to be vastly different, or even in direct conflict, to your own.”

“And when I get triggered by a desire or goal of my beloved’s that I do not share?”

“An emotional trigger is nothing more than a signal that you are out of alignment. When you respond in a way that is anything less than pure support and joy for your beloved, it is the same as praying that his or her consciousness remains limited. If you say, as you do, that your purpose is to contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity, then you must realize those moments when, through a contractive ego, you add to the suffering or sorrow of another. The trigger is the evidence that you are not in integrity with the values of your Authentic Being. Without the proper application of compassion, desires that seem to conflict can add to collective suffering. But conflict only appears to be when you do not abide in the Indwelling Spirit.”

“Got it. Loud and clear.”

Well, readers whether you are currently in a relationship or not, that is a nugget worth pondering. Happy Spring!

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