E.P.I.C. Magazine Cover - April 2015

COVER_M-A_2015As another Spring Equinox approaches and we reflect on the cycles of nature, we are reminded of our own growth process and how it, too, has its cycles. We have all felt times of spiritual breakthrough, gaining a deeper understanding that surpasses mere knowledge; it is that inner wisdom that we can tell is somehow qualitatively different than anything we could have read in a book or been shown by another. It is experiential. It is our own direct, empirical realization.

And, just like the cycles of nature, it seems there are times when we are standing still; taking a pause to perhaps digest and integrate whatever insights we have had. I am in such a pause right now. Even though it hasn’t felt like we have had much of a winter, energetically that desire to burrow, be still and quiet hasn’t left me.

I recently had a chance to observe how absolutely unmoving one can be in one’s habits. I was truly puzzled to see how we can have mental habits so strong, that even when we recognize they are detrimental and unsupportive, we still hold on to them. What convinces us that this is, at all, a good idea? And why is it that when we are witnessing someone else’s habits, the change needed seems simple and obvious? Yet when we are attempting to discover and identify our own habits, it is all nebulous and enigmatic to us?

So, in what I though was an attempt to educate another, I exposed where I was holding onto my own perceptions so rigidly. I have been observing where it is that I have a hard time letting go. Trying to discern, why this? Why this topic, this issue? What underlies this perception, this habitual thought, that makes it so strong, so seemingly indestructible?

And what is it that pushes or pulls us across a certain threshold of understanding? If it is true that it is an innate desire to expand and grow, and I believe that it is, why do we fight it? Why struggle against what is natural and inevitable? As Sekmet tells us in Ask The Oracle, the key to atonement or at-One-ment is to relax. Can we trust that? I’d sure like to. How about you?

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In this issue:

  • Question Everything
  • Co-ops, Democracy & The Economic Environment
  • Awakening as Lightworkers
  • Put Your Whole Self In
  • Learning to Trust


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