March - April 2013As we move toward the vernal equinox of 2013, we may begin to embrace and embody the energy of resurrection and rebirth. Growth is rarely comfortable, yet we can move gracefully through fatigue and other growing pains if we choose not to be in a state of resistance.

I’ve heard that clichés become clichés because there is usually a nugget of truth in them. In this case the phrase “go with the flow” comes to mind. When we hear a phase so much that it becomes a cliché, the words cease to have any meaning to us. I believe that the current energies are encouraging us to move from mental concepts to experience, action and embodiment. I’ve been having “go with the flow” experiences on a whole new visceral level; they are not just words, it is not just a thought, but a felt embodiment of what it means to “go with the flow”. How about you, reader?

We are very excited to bring you some spectacular events to help celebrate the Spring energy of renewal, including a life changing workshop on prosperity, co-sponsored by Agape in Durango, and a grand celebration of E.P.I.C.’s visionary cover artists. Check out the details inside, these are events you won’t want to miss!

We just returned from a magazine conference that was jam-packed with information, leaving us feeling more invigorated, more inspired than ever about E.P.I.C.’s potential. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our on-line survey. Your participation and feedback are essential to determining how, and in what direction, you want your conscious community magazine to grow. Congratulations to all of our prizewinners!

And without further ado, here are the articles, recipes and more that will help you “go with the flow”.

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In this issue:

  • Emotions as Information
  • The New Flower Essences: A Primer
  • Freedom From the Past
  • A Beautiful Green Backyard Burial
  • Don’t Slay Every Dragon
  • Music: Nature’s Universal Language
  • Invite Magic Into Your Kitchen: Create a Mystical Apron
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