March - April 2012The March/April issue seems like the appropriate place to write about renewal and growth; and grown we have! In just 10 short months, our publication has doubled in size, reflecting our community’s desire for connection and expanded awareness.

As part of that growth, we would like our readers and advertisers to join us in welcoming the newest addition to the E.P.I.C. Sales Team, Malia Durbano. She is an exuberant Spirit with an infectious laugh who shares the values that drive the vision and mission of E.P.I.C. Malia is a Freelance writer and Zumba instructor-extraordinaire. Her extensive sales experience includes a position as World-wide Sales Manager for All One Tribe Drum Company, as well as owning/operating the Golden Group Speakers Bureau.

With Spring just around the corner, the impending change of seasons reminds us of renewal, rebirth and resurrection. How many equinoxes and solstices have simply slipped by you without so much as a passing thought about the significance of their relationship to humanity? For me the answer is, well, many. But the truth is the rhythms of the natural world are calling to everyone; they always have been. It is just that not everyone is tuned in … yet.

As 2012 jettisons us into a world of rapidly shifting frequencies, there is a compelling cosmic force that seems to be working on us all. There are moments when this energy actually acts upon me like a ‘force quit’ on a computer. I feel compelled to stop whatever I’m doing and pay attention; to just breathe and appreciate the natural phenomenon that surrounds me whether it is a sunset, a moonrise or an animal moving through the landscape. And I don’t mean to just look at it; I mean to really experience myself as a part of this Natural beauty; to embody the overwhelming feelings of grace and gratitude that sweep through me in those moments.

It is as though Spirit is saying, “Enough is enough. You have spent far too much of your life moving me down on your priority list. I want to be first. Period.” And should I try to ignore this impulse and keep focused on whatever 3-D task is at hand, like publishing a magazine, then the moment seems to become extraordinarily chaotic. I get it. And I know, readers, many of you get it, too. It is about surrendering to the unmistakable presence of the Creator living through us and as us; that is the ultimate renewal, rebirth and resurrection.

Respecting Spring’s theme of renewal and growth, we have put together a conglomeration of articles that will help you release the past, make conscious choices and rethink what it means to communicate, not only with the natural world, but with each other.

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In this issue:

  • Peace is Learning a New Language
  • Do You Know What You Are Eating?
  • Communicating with Trees
  • You Don’t Have to Live in the Past
  • Impeccable Ingredients
  • An Afternoon with a Bee
  • 2012: The Year of the Dragon
  • Sticking Your Toe in the Waters of Woo-Woo
  • Curveballs

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