July - August 2012We are mid-way through 2012, and it feels as though the first half of the year has been spent in some kind of preparation. I don’t claim to know what that preparation is for, but I’m recognizing that I react differently to “chaos”. In fact I’m realizing that a good deal of “chaos” doesn’t really exist; it is my mind’s reaction or interpretation that there is something “wrong”. Are you feeling it too? That there’s not nearly as much to “worry” about as we may have once thought? It feels significant in some way.

When you look at your environment, what do you see? Does your mind notice the inherent perfection in all things? Or does it immediately begin labeling all that is “wrong”, wanting to take action to fix what it has interpreted is “broken”? What if we just sit long enough with what we think is wrong? According to The Masters of the 5th Ray, if we sit long enough, that crazed feeling that is moving us to take some kind of fixing action, will dissolve. When it does, we allow the inherent perfection of things to shine through.

So, let’s try it. Well, you don’t have to, but I’m going to. They recommended starting with things in your environment; maybe a broken door handle, a piece of equipment not working. Just sit with it and let yourself feel that feeling of “needing to fix” until it passes. Don’t push yourself past it; just allow whatever uncomfortable feelings come up, to arise. When you have practiced in this way, using your environment, move on to practicing it with people. Practice it in the context of your relationships. How often do we want to “fix” people? Of course that is a euphemism for wanting them to behave the way we want them to behave. Sometimes we may even have the best intentions, knowing for certain that they would just be better off “if only they would listen to me….”

And then when you have practiced letting the inherent perfection of others shine through, apply the process to yourself. How many of us have a core belief that we are fundamentally flawed? We think, if I fix this or heal that, then my life will be okay. But according to the Masters, we are okay. In fact we are perfect. And it is the very busyness created by feeling we need to fix something, that keeps us from allowing our own Divine, inherent perfection to shine forth into this world. So let’s do less “chaos”, less fixing and more shining.

As always, it is our sincerest hope that this collection of articles will help you shine.

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  • Enlightenment is in the Body
  • Kirtan: A Path to the Heart
  • Powerful Relationships & Your 3 Brains
  • Natural Healing Checklist
  • Emotional Healing from Flower Sounds
  • Embracing Change: Becoming an Everyday Guru
  • The Best Medicine is Free
  • Love Your Body with Superfood
  • Reiki: Gentle Healing & Transformational Tool

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