Healing the Broken Heart of the AddictWe’ve all experienced profound disappointment in our lives. There are some of us who use these disappointments to keep ourselves down, and to hang onto the belief that things never work out for us. We’ve held on to our stories of abandonment, rejection, betrayal and abuse, seeking to blame others for our pain. We unconsciously use these stories to stay small, constricted, and determined to never trust or open our hearts again.

While that is totally acceptable and even encouraged in the beginning stages of shock and disappointment, it is toxic, counter productive and a spiritual dead end to pull over and park there – especially for those with addictive/dependent tendencies.

It never serves us to do a bypass and pretend we’re so spiritual that we don’t experience resentment, fear and hurt. It’s healthy and absolutely necessary to be in the moment and acknowledge every feeling that arises when you’ve experienced disappointment and loss, no matter how it occurred or who’s at fault. Allowing yourself to feel the pain, rage, fear and sorrow, is, in fact, a very important part of your healing journey. If you skip this important step, true healing is impossible. However, it’s just as important to work through the pain and heal any unforgiveness or resentment that is operating in your awareness.

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