Pissed to Blissed - Remove Negative Feelings

pissedtoblissed Anger, disappointment and frustration – these emotions can sometimes dominate our outlook on life. The more we indulge in these negative feelings, the worse our lives become. But what if we can go from pissed to blissed just by taking our cues from music?

As a singer-songwriter whose inspiration comes from ancient and modern masters and spiritual connection, I believe that music can give us new perspectives, helping transform our lives. You’ve heard it said that “Music is the soundtrack of your life,” which means that music can be a teacher in our lives. You might think that life has piled up against you, but what if it was Happening for You? *

Imagine: it’s Monday morning and you are driving to the airport, tunes cranked, windows down, spring air crisp and full of possibility. You are feeling bliss at its depth, knowing that this day is the start of a whole new chapter. As you enter the freeway accelerating, you notice that the car is not quite getting up to speed and you hear the dreaded thump, thump, thump.

No! is is not happening. Yes, it is. You are standing on the side of the freeway, tire iron in your hand, staring down at a lifeless at tire with the rim kissing the ground. 18-wheelers are thundering by, making you feel small and insigni cant. Flat tire, missed flight, opportunity gone. You’ve rapidly gone from blissed to pissed.

It’s in these moments that we lose hope. We feel totally defeated. Why is it so easy for us to get rattled, to go from serenity to insanity? We often feel that life is a just a meaningless set of arbitrary events which happen to us. Our perspective is simple. We view the events dualistically: sometimes “good”, sometimes “bad”. And it is exactly this attachment-based, dualistic thinking that leads to suffering.

When we get what we want, we are happy; when we don’t get what we want, we are not happy. Some days you’re the hammer and some days you’re the nail. So we walk through life with a sense of dread, wondering when the next shoe is going to drop. All the while feeling that life is pretty meaningless and insigni cant, and that there is no sense of what it’s all about. No sense of a bigger picture.

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