Freedom from the Past

Freedom from the Past What if we woke up one day and had no memory of the past, yet we were still able to function in quite a natural way? This is, in a sense, what it is like to live in the present moment, to be truly awake. Imagine what life would be like if everyone we came into contact with today, we were meeting for the first time. What if everything appeared new and fresh, without the defilement of our preconceived thoughts and judgments about life?

To awaken in this way, we must be willing to give up thoughts and concepts from the past and be open to seeing life as it truly is: beautiful, alive oneness. To be free means we are not putting life in the preconceived box of the past, or seeing life through the lens of projection. Waking up asks us to give up the belief that we know anything about life, because as soon as we think we already know, we cannot see Life as it is appearing before us right now.

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