Is Fluoride Helpful or a Hindrance

Fluoride_ Help or Hindrance

For over seventy years the people of the United States have been adding fluoride to their drinking water in the name of good dental health. It has been so successfully implemented that it is touted as one of the top ten health achievements of the twentieth century. Over the years, thousands of communities in every state added fluoride to their drinking water: a real success story, until recently. Now it seems the story is changing. Success is rapidly turning into failure.

There is still the same old chorus of people preaching about the dental benefits of fluoride: mostly dentists, insisting that it makes for fewer dental cavities. But now there are numerous other claims questioning the validity of this seventy year-old practice.

Research over the past several years indicates some very serious side effects to water fluoridation, which have taken time to manifest. Scientific studies now show that the effects of consuming fluoride are cumulative and build up over one’s lifetime.

In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency classi ed uoride, which we had assumed was a nutrient, as a developmental neurotoxin. Scientists at Harvard found that children in communities with uoridated water have signi cantly lower IQ scores and are much slower at retaining information than in communities without it.

In the past 10 years, Attention De cit Hyperactivity Disorder has increased 50%. ese same Harvard studies demonstrate that communities with high levels of uoride also have high levels of ADHD. Results indicate that uoride adversely a ects children’s developing brains. Harvard scientists place uoride in the same category as mercury, lead, arsenic, ame-retardants and six other chemicals known to be toxic to developing brains.

In tests by the Center for Disease Control, forty one percent of children in the U.S. now show signi cant signs of dental uorosis, which is a mottling of the teeth due to consuming too much uoride. Unfortunately, dental uorosis is not only cosmetic. It indicates a much bigger problem: spinal uorosis. is is a serious form of arthritis now a ecting our young people at high rates. In essence, we are overdosing ourselves and our children with a toxic poison.

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