feng shuiMany of us have struggled at one point or another in our lives with abundance and moneymaking issues: earning money, getting a raise, saving it for a rainy day, building our retirement nest egg and more. Feng shui can help you increase your earning potential, if the principles are applied correctly.

Feng shui, meaning wind and water, is all about optimal energy flow in a house and its surrounding landforms. It is not about placing wind chimes and bells to “bring in the money”, but about tapping into the “dragon’s vein” of water. Where water and energy flow, opportunities come.

Ever wonder why the wealthiest cities are located next to a source of water, whether it’s an ocean, lake, or river? Many people know that transportation (cars, ships, trains and airplanes) brings commerce to people and therefore, opportunities to make money. All modes of transportation are of the water and metal element – metal directs water to flow accordingly, and water helps wood to grow. Our paper money and coins arise out of that small, but deeply impactful, sector in the productive cycle of feng shui.

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