E.P.I.C. Recommends November-December 2016

yamia Pellucidity by Yaima

Pellucidity is a beauteous and bewitching collection of stories that seem to lead the listener on a journey through enticing soundscapes and floating melodies. Sustained by biological beats and engaging world rhythms, Pellucidity will soothe the savage and move the peaceful being in all of us…. Pellucidity means, “to allow the maximum passage of light,” to see clearly, as clear as fresh water in a mountain lake. Creating a finely tuned container for their audience, members Masaru Higasa (Guitar, flutes, handpan) Pepper Proud (guitar & vocals) and Jeff Kimes (percussion) combine genres like indie-folk-tronic, psy-ambient, dub-pop and weave a smooth groove of soothing melodies, intricate instrumentation and beats to get the body blooming.

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