Uncrossing Arms and Legs copyWhen you cross your arms or legs, you probably don’t do it consciously, with deliberate focus on what you will receive as a result. You may not even be aware of the reason you are crossing your arms or legs. And if you were asked to not cross your arms or legs for the next hour, you may not be able to resist because it has become a habit you don’t even think about.

In the Current Rooms of John of God’s healing sanctuary in Abadiania, Brazil, you must not cross your arms or legs. Hundreds of people from around the world, dressed particularly in white, line up in front of the door in the Great Hall for more than an hour for the opportunity to sit for three hours or more in focused meditation. They consciously connect their energy to that of the Healing Spirits of Light, who work through the body of the trance medium known internationally as John of God, to provide physical, emotional and mental healing to thousands of pilgrims a day. If you were there, you would see everyone in the Current Rooms seated quietly with their eyes closed, each person holding his/her individual feeling connection with their highest conception of spiritual, or transpersonal, Peace, Joy and Love.

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