Dancing for Rain

Dancing For RainThose of us who live in the Southwestern United States are acutely aware of the multiple threats to our water supplies; from shortages due to drought, forest fires and urban expansion, to pollution in our aquifers and rivers from oil and gas exploitation as well as industrial and agricultural chemicals. The regulatory agencies that are responsible for protecting our water sources are severely hamstrung because it is the industrial lobbyists who effectively control the legislative processes that are intended to protect our waters.

In some cases, the prospects for the future of our water bodies seem so dire, and the threats to the creatures that dwell in and depend on them so overwhelming, that many people are in despair. Many choose to live one day at a time, and go shopping! As a spiritual philosophy, living in the moment has its merits, but it denies responsibility for what we have collectively created and how we individually continue to exacerbate the problem through our lifestyles.

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