Conversations with Your Mind

Conversations With Your Mind How many conversations do you have a day with people who aren’t there? If you stop and ask, “Who am I talking to?” you begin to realize the only participants in these mind conversations are ‘I’ and the ‘ego’.

The ego mind must reinvent itself every fifteen minutes. It must get you to identify with it; it does this by perpetuating the story of you. The story of you is made up of the roles you play, the beliefs you have, and what was passed down in your family. You may have a victim story, a martyr story, or a black sheep story, for example. Your story has nothing to do with the truth of who you are. It is the means by which the ego keeps reinventing itself. The ego doesn’t want you to change because it knows it cannot survive without your story.

Believing in your story is the root of these mind conversations. The conversations always reflect resistance, the ego mind’s favorite tool. You are resisting the truth of what really happened or who that person is or how they may see you. A conversation with a person in your head is a form of resistance because it can never change anything. It is not real.

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