The Only Constant is ChangeWe all have to deal with change, whether our home is destroyed by a natural disaster, our relationship is ending, our job is no longer satisfying, or any one of the thousands of ways our experience of life shifts. Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we are asked to take our Heroine’s Journey.

We can choose to see change from the perspective of a victim, where we view it as something that is being done ‘to us’. Or we can choose the perspective that change is an opportunity to overcome, to grow and to find our triumph story.

It is interesting how life wants us to grow. Whether the impetus arises from within us or from an outer circumstance, where there is seemingly less control, we are all called to leave our comfort zones and head off on an adventure into the unknown. We must travel to new territories: sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically.

Saying yes to our next chapter activates our many inner resources. Courage, often a silent partner, emerges as we encounter new experiences. Deepening our trust by listening to our inner guidance is a practice that can infuse each breath. Recognizing the unique gifts that we have – humor, patience, compassion, boldness – brings forth inner allies for nding our way on the journey.

Another powerful tool at our disposal is our language. A client once claimed she was ‘shackled by the circumstances’ before her. Whew! Language like that evokes images and feelings of being a prisoner or beaten down. e energy that ows from our language can empower us if we pay attention and choose to speak with mindfulness. What language do you choose to use?

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