E.P.I.C. Magazine Cover - April 2016

March-April 2016

The arrival of Spring is accompanied by a perennial, heightened sense of anticipation; a feeling that something good is on its way, we just need to be present, emptying ourselves of all that has come before that can act as a lingering film on the lenses of our perspective....
E.P.I.C. Magazine Cover - February 2016

January-February 2016

I’m watching snow fall as I write this. Ever since I was a child I found falling snow to be so peaceful. Of course I loved to play in it too, but there was this unexplained, yet very welcome serenity that would, and still does, envelop me. Ahh… to...
E.P.I.C. Magazine Cover - December 2015

November-December 2015

Another season; another year drawing to a close; another opportunity to flow with the rhythms of nature. We may recognize that with the onset of shorter days and cooler temperatures that it is natural for us to spend more time in a state of introspection. The question is, will...

September-October 2015

How things can change in the blink of an eye. A river poisoned, a loved-one with a life-threatening diagnosis, a friend unexpectedly exiting the body temple. These are the things that mold us, shape us. After the initial shock passes, we can choose to allow these kinds of events...

July-August 2015

Have you ever felt cluttered? I am not talking about papers piled on your desk or books piled on the nightstand. I am talking about an internal sense of clutter, too much food, too much noise, too many thoughts, worries, fears, doubts etc. Just too much stimuli altogether! Well,...
E.P.I.C. Magazine Cover - June 2015

May-June 2015

We are so proud to host the return of Edwene Gaines to Durango. When we started this magazine four years ago, we saw it had the potential to help many healers, artists, authors and cultural creative of all kinds, to thrive. And while we have, and continue to make...
E.P.I.C. Magazine Cover - April 2015

March-April 2015

As another Spring Equinox approaches and we reflect on the cycles of nature, we are reminded of our own growth process and how it, too, has its cycles. We have all felt times of spiritual breakthrough, gaining a deeper understanding that surpasses mere knowledge; it is that inner wisdom...

January-February 2015

What does it mean to be balanced? Peaceful? Responsible? The contributors to E.P.I.C. are always educating and reminding us that consciousness precedes form. And the readership of E.P.I.C. is engrossed in an ongoing personal process to increase their vibrational frequency. So what happens when we do achieve these vibrational...

November-December 2014

As we approach the winter, it is encoded in our nature to become more introspective. But as a human race we have developed many unnatural habits that have distanced us from the cycles of the natural world. The Earth, and Nature herself, is evolving. So coming into alignment with...

Durango September-October 2014

September-October 2014 Issue: I’ve heard it said that it is the struggle to emerge from the cocoon that strengthens a butterfly’s wings enough to enable her to fly. If you help release a butterfly from a cocoon early, even with the noble intention of easing its apparent discomfort, the butterfly...

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