Ask the Oracle - December 2015

Ask the Oracle November-Decemeber 2015

Yes, yes, yes! We welcome you to this new day and the new you. You have shed the layers of emotions past. I step forward as your faithful servant, Lady Portia. I am your...
Ask the Oracle Painting

Ask the Oracle March-April 2016

Blessings, Dear One. We greet you with the utmost joy! We are the Masters of the First Ray. We bring you Good News and Glad Tidings! Shall we say the world lies at...

Ask the Oracle: Osiris, Ra & Thoth | November-December 2014

Blessings, Brother. We come as the trio of Osiris, Ra and Thoth. There is no more playing small, Brother. Your brothers and sisters require your assistance. How shall we serve you, that you may...
ignite the flame of transmutation - Pele

Ask the Oracle: Pele

Painting courtesy of Katherine Skaggs @ We bless you with great fire. I am Pele and it is my scared duty to ignite the flame of transmutation. I set fire to your mind brother, for...
Ask the Oracle: Masters of the Second Ray

Ask the Oracle: Masters of the Second Ray

Q: What does 2017 hold for the potential evolution of humanity? A: Greetings and deepest blessings to you Beloved. We are the Masters of the Second Ray. Come nigh, and step into the river of...

Ask the Oracle July-August 2013

Q: What can I do to get my property sold more quickly? How can I structure my spiritual business or other aspects of my life to create abundance for myself and my family? Tell me...
Kwan Yin & Lord Michael

Ask the Oracle: Lord Michael

Blessings Beloved. We come together for your assistance. I shall speak first. I am Lord Michael. I come to help you navigate the Flame of Divine Will. We see you are allowing personal will...
Snake Medicine

Ask the Oracle July-August 2015

Good day and Great Blessings to you! We come as Lady Portia to assist in the process of transmuting those denser limiting frequencies to more refined. Yes Beloved, they remain anchored in your field...

Ask the Oracle January-February 2014

Q: What can each of us do every day for the highest good? A: Blessings Beloved Brother! We come to you as the Masters of the Second Ray, bringing the God-quality of illumination. I shall...
Ask the Oracle: Zadkiel

Ask the Oracle: Zadkiel

Greetings Sister. Shall we begin with death, then? We step forward as Zadkiel of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. And that is all that death is, Beloved, a transmutation of energy. The worlds of...

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