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Loss, Love & the Healing Power of Yoga

I grew up in Durango, climbing mountains with both my parents, but especially my father. He was a man of the wilderness, quiet, steady. There was a deep well of understanding that coursed through...

The Only Constant is Change

We all have to deal with change, whether our home is destroyed by a natural disaster, our relationship is ending, our job is no longer satisfying, or any one of the thousands of ways...
Seeds are the source of Life on Earth

Seed Keepers

Seed Keepers by Lee-Ann Hill Seeds are the source of life on earth; they keep us alive. Why save seeds? The answers are varied and often personal, yet there is a shared essence. For some,...

Learning to Fly

Did you know that dragonflies start their lives as nymphs, living in the water for up to five years before wriggling their way up a piece of grass and birthing themselves into adulthood? Unlike...

Conversations with Your Mind by Lisa Greene

How many conversations do you have a day with people who aren’t there? If you stop and ask, “Who am I talking to?” you begin to realize the only participants in these mind conversations...
Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Grandmother Wisdom Returns

By Lyn Goldberg Shamanic Astrology tells us we inform the planets as they inform us. We are co-creators with that which is larger than us. In Astrology we look at the planets of our solar...

Breath for Life

Watching a baby breathe is one of the most awe invoking experiences. This bundle of energy, whose developing brain needs copious amounts of oxygen in order to grow, breathes a naturally full, even, rhythmic breath....

Connecting with the Divine Masculine

December 21, 2012 truly was the end of the world in a sense, as we have stepped into a shift. That shift is happening now. A shift in the way we perceive the world;...
All Thai-ed Up Asia Trek

All Thai-ed Up

The jungle screeched and whirred, closing in on us as the inky twilight of southern Thailand darkened the thick tropical forest. For seven months, my husband and I had been trekking through Asia, our...
Daughter's Cancer Helped Me Heal

How My Daughter’s Cancer Helped Me Heal

It is a warm summer evening. I am standing in my kitchen, preparing dinner and taking a mental inventory of my family members. Through the large kitchen window, I see my husband Craig outside...

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