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Educational content that empowers and inspires.  We offer a variety of content from articles, recipes, tips, books, movies, music and spiritual guidances to assist readers in raising their consciousness.

Reclaiming the Sacred

Reclaiming the Sacred

A hospice nurse was in the room with my sister when our dad drew his last breath. The nurse, working efficiently, got on the phone and started making arrangements for dad’s body to be removed from home. My sister called me and explained what was happening.
Is Fluoride Helpful or a Hindrance

Fluoride Help or Hindrance?

For over seventy years the people of the United States have been adding fluoride to their drinking water in the name of good dental...
Tiospaye An Invitaion

Tiospaye An Invitation

We are Creators. Every tangible thing starts with an idea. We witness our creations as the out picturing of our thoughts, ideas, wishes and...
Finding Comfort in Impermanence

Finding Comfort in Impermanence

Finding Comfort in Impermanence by Erin Easton “Nothing exists in and of itself but depends on a series of causes and conditions, each one interdependent...
What We Practice - Unhappiness

What We Practice

What We Practice by Lisa Greene We wish we were happy but we practice being unhappy. We wish we were enlightened but we practice being...
Who Am I Really

Who Am I Really

Who Am I, Really? By Lee McCormick In the beginning, there was the Light. The Light came from the Source, the Great Mystery, Creator, God:...

What is the Violet Flame?

The Violet Flame is a most precious gift from our Father/ Mother God. The purpose of this gift is to assist humanity with transmuting...
Ask the Oracle - Athena

Ask the Oracle: Athena

Blessings Brother. I come as Athena, Goddess of War. Today I wish to speak not of war, but of healing. You are a healer...
Ask the Oracle - Grace

Ask the Oracle: Uriel & Lady Nada

Blessings dear child. To us, your name is Grace. We are Uriel and Lady Nada. We have so much to share, but we will...
Renae - Conscious Pop Music Artistvideo

E.P.I.C. Recommends: Renae

Align by RENAE www.renaemusic.com RENAE’s infectious pop melodies, soothing vocals, cutting edge productions, and mindful messages are all elements of her music that make her absolutely...

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