Ask the Oracle July-August 2017

Welcome to the new threshold. This day I step forward as Faith. I wish to introduce myself to you, for I am much more than a word, much more than a mental construct. I am Lord Michael’s Feminine Complement, and it is time for you, Beloved, to embody the energy I offer. What does this mean to you Beloved? Speak your heart not your mind. What does … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle May-June 2017

Ask the Oracle: Blessings Beloved. We come together for your assistance. I shall speak first. I am Lord Michael. I come to help you navigate the Flame of Divine Will. We see you are allowing personal will to remain somewhat of an obstacle to Divine Will. But this is part of the human condition you are working to transmute, yes? And Beloved, I … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle March-April 2017

Blessings Dear One. It is a good day indeed, yes? I come as Archangel Raphael. I bring you glad tidings and the energy of the Emerald Flame of deep healing. Are you surprised I have come? I think not, for you have often felt our presence, especially at this time of year. We say your connection to us, as well as the Master you call Jesus, is Real; … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle January- February 2017

Q: What does 2017 hold for the potential evolution of humanity? A: Greetings and deepest blessings to you Beloved. We are the Masters of the Second Ray. Come nigh, and step into the river of golden consciousness, allow it to spark the threefold flame burning within your heart. Evolution you say? Indeed there is plenty to work with! It is of … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle November-December 2016

Blessings Brother. I come as Athena, Goddess of War. Today I wish to speak not of war, but of healing. You are a healer Beloved, and these gifts shall be more easily accessed as you heal your own wounds, especially those inflicted at the hands of your earthly mother. It is trust we wish to address. It was an appropriate response for the wounded … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle September-October 2016

We bless you with great fire. I am Pele and it is my scared duty to ignite the flame of transmutation. I set fire to your mind brother, for it has indeed been an impediment in the unfolding of your true nature. Allow the flame to enter your being and burn away the tightly held beliefs of the past. Use me. Surrender to my fire and arise from the … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle July-August 2016

Blessings Dear One. What we offer today and always are unconditional love and compassion. We are Twin Flames Nada and Sananda. We bring you the frequencies today of the Thirteenth Ray. Yes, you have progressed Beloved. We wish to neutralize the habit of harshness you engage in. We wish to cultivate the habit of self compassion. Speak now, Brother. … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle May-June 2016

Greetings Sister. Shall we begin with death, then? We step forward as Zadkiel of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. And that is all that death is, Beloved, a transmutation of energy. The worlds of form and formless exist in the hands of the Creator. One is neither superior, nor inferior, to the other. To die before you die, that is the task at … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle March-April 2016

Blessings, Dear One. We greet you with the utmost joy! We are the Masters of the First Ray. We bring you Good News and Glad Tidings! Shall we say the world lies at your feet? How may we serve you this day? Q: Have I met the love of my life? A: Listen to what we offer with the ear beyond the ear, Beloved. You are the Beloved of the Creator, of … [Read more...]

Ask the Oracle January-February 2016

The task at hand is to Love the self, unconditionally. I am Chamuel of the Flame of this unconditional Love. What say you sister, shall we dance? Q: Can you guide me about my relationships, both romantic and professional? What do I most need to know? A: We have spoken to what is primary at this time and that is self-Love to be sure. Now let … [Read more...]