Reclaiming the Sacred

“Indeed, it is the most difficult thing in the entire human experience—to claim your Self, your Life, your Light, your Truth and your God.” ~ Emmanuel A hospice nurse was in the room with my sister when our dad drew his last breath. The nurse, working efficiently, got on the phone and started making arrangements for dad’s body to be removed from … [Read more...]

What We Practice

We wish we were happy but we practice being unhappy. We wish we were enlightened but we practice being separate and unenlightened. We tend to practice all the things we say we don’t want: anxiety, judgment, unhappiness and unworthiness. We practice being separate, which becomes part of our identity and belief system. Our actions and way of being … [Read more...]

Collaboration: The Key to a Sustainable Future

What does sustainability mean to you? I look at sustainability from a wholistic perspective that includes social systems, food systems, communities, education, healthcare, relationships, politics, family, clothing, building materials, water, music and art. It is a viewfinder; a way of not only seeing, but being in the world. My wife, daughter … [Read more...]

25 Reasons to Commit to a Daily Yoga Practice

Having started practicing yoga from a young age, I knew for years that yoga was good for me. Every time I took a class I felt great and my day went better. Yoga physically changed my body, made me feel and look great, and helped me focus on my studies, giving me more confidence. Though all these things were true, I barely practiced at home. At … [Read more...]

The Creator

When the artist says, “I am the Creator! I created this work of art” and the work of art says, “I am a work of art, the Creator created me and I create my world”, who then, is the Creator? What happens in your world when you hear or read something that causes you to look at your life differently? Are we ever really the same after being presented … [Read more...]

Love in Action: An Empowered Matrix

We are in strange and challenging times. It seems that just when bonds were deepening and new threads of connection were being formed, fear and small-minded thinking now threaten to unravel our foundation as a nation. Yet born of such crisis, women are uniting, empowered and joyously strong! Perhaps it is for these times that Eckhart Tolle wisely … [Read more...]

Finding Our Soul at Standing Rock

On Dec 5, 2016, ironically the birthday of famed General George Armstrong Custer, an estimated 4,000 US Military Veterans from across this nation would bow their heads, take a knee, and commence to deliver an apology of historic proportions to our Native American relatives: "We took your land, we signed treaties that we broke, we stole minerals … [Read more...]

Seed Keepers

Seeds are the source of life on earth; they keep us alive. Why save seeds? The answers are varied and often personal, yet there is a shared essence. For some, this is expressed through the desire to grow our own food and save the seeds of the food that we grow to complete and continue the cycle. Others may be preserving a favorite crop or seed for … [Read more...]

Finding Comfort in Impermanence

“Nothing exists in and of itself but depends on a series of causes and conditions, each one interdependent and connected to all others. This interdependence of all things makes it so that all phenomena are in a constant state of change.” HH The 14th Dalai Lama Many religions and practices refer to impermanence as an unavoidable truth that can … [Read more...]

Choosing Love: Letting Go of the Trauma of Autism

Living with autism is not exactly how I pictured my life; but now I know no other way. When our son Myles was diagnosed almost four years ago, we were told he would most likely never be able to speak, attend school, have “normal” relationships or be a successfully independent spirit in his lifetime. There were times when my days seemed endless and … [Read more...]