We would like to express our heart-felt gratitude to all of the readers, advertisers and supporters of E.P.I.C. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on our first issue. We hope you enjoy this next issue, and that we continue to connect and grow as a conscious community. A special thank you to all of the vendors, musicians, speakers, dancers, practitioners, readers, performers and volunteers who participated in the E.P.I.C. Launch Party in Buckley Park. What a beautiful, living example of what it is like when we come together in the Spirit of Community. We are looking forward to collaborating on more E.P.I.C. events in the future!

People are ready and hungry for connection. That is apparent from the feedback we have gotten about this publication. There are so many of us working toward the same goal: waking people up. Our methods may differ, but our heart-centered desire for authenticity is the same. We share a common vision of a world where materialism and consumerism give way to a paradigm that puts Spirit, people and our planet first. There was a time when we each used to hope that we weren’t the only one feeling this way. We used to search out like-minded people. But now we have gained clarity and momentum. We have evolved in consciousness. Now, we are everywhere. There is so much hope, so much enthusiasm for being poised on the edge of this birth: like midwives, like expectant parents feeling this joyful anticipation for what is to come, coupled with the understanding that it is ours to create.

We are like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Everyone has their piece, their perspective. Our desire is that what is shared in the pages of this magazine is experiential for you. That as you read about perspectives that may not be part of your current world view, that you are inspired to evolve and expand your consciousness through the choices you make. And that you are equally inspired to share your gifts, contributing to the creation of this mosaic that is the beautiful, new, interconnected whole.

One more detail: although we credited the cover photo on our first issue, we neglected to mention the importance of what was happening in the picture! The photo was taken at a Despacho ceremony that was held in Bayfield, CO led by Shamanic Practitioner Teresa Arney. A Despacho ceremony is a powerful Peruvian prayer ceremony utilizing the forces of Nature to cleanse and illuminate.

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In this issue:

  • Divine Awakening is Here, Ready or Not
  • Yoga as Wholeness
  • Iridology
  • The Terrain is Everything
  • My Brother’s Gift (Excerpt)
  • Why Eat Raw Vegan Foods

E.P.I.C. Magazine

E.P.I.C. stands for Empowering People, Inspiring Community. E.P.I.C. Magazine educates, empowers and inspires the community on the topics of spirituality, health, and sustainability. We help conscious businesses thrive and share their message.


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