Ask the Oracle - December 2015

ATO_ND15Yes, yes, yes! We welcome you to this new day and the new you. You have shed the layers of emotions past. I step forward as your faithful servant, Lady Portia. I am your trusted companion. I bring the fire of transmutation, the fire of revelation, for truly you are Perfect, my Beloved Child. Tell me how shall we further this process in this moment?

Q: I don’t have a specific question. Let’s just roll with it.

A: Let us roll, then. Release to my fire those ideas and thoughts such as, “It is too late. I am set in my ways.” Or, “It doesn’t matter.” It is true from an external standpoint that it does not matter, but from an internal standpoint, from the Soul, it matters a great deal. The external view is concerned with fixing, with improving, with attaining something better. The internal view, that of your Soul, knows this is unnecessary: it already knows and embraces your Perfection. Its concern is only ever with expression; with how much of your magnificence can flow through into your world.

Your task is to merely pay attention to the ow; no e ort, no forcing, only attention and awareness. We hesitate to give you a practice, for we see the strong penchant of your mind to convince you that there is something that is awed within you that makes such practices fraught with di culty. Of course, this is hogwash. e practice is simply to be a tube of light whenever it occurs to you.
Now Beloved, if we give you too much structure around this practice, that is the very thing that drives the mind to convince you of the di culty. And so, no rules, no speci c time of day, no speci c length of time, just whenever it occurs to you. is attention to your presence as a tube of light will serve to allow that greater ow of expression that is the Soul’s agenda. Simple, yes?

Open your heart to us in this moment, for we shall re ect to you your own Soul’s Love and Perfection. What our ame seeks to transmute are the untruths you have come to believe about yourself, about the world around you. Come now, child. Come to us with your heart open and partake in your own Magni cence. Be still and receive us now.

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