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ato-ma-2016 Blessings, Dear One. We greet you with the utmost joy! We are the Masters of the First Ray. We bring you Good News and Glad Tidings! Shall we say the world lies at your feet? How may we serve you this day?

Q: Have I met the love of my life?

A: Listen to what we offer with the ear beyond the ear, Beloved. You are the Beloved of the Creator, of Source Itself. In your relatively short time on the earth plane, you have still gathered untruths about the nature of your Being. These beliefs color your current perception of what love is. It is far more than companionship; Love is the very essence of Life, it is what you ARE. You cannot, in Truth, lose or gain Love, for it is your very existence.

With that said Beloved, we must say, no, you have not met the love of your life, for that love is you, the grander version of you that awaits underneath the untrue beliefs you hold about yourself. When you express great self-love, then love in a partnership will be greater than anything you have experienced or what you can currently conceive of. Do you follow us, Beloved?

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