Sekmet Drawing

sekmetQ: I’ll just sit here and see who wants to talk to me.

A: Allow me to be the first, then. I am Sekmet, and I see the need for the energies that I bring. We have been gentle with you. Now it is time for swift and strong courage. You are familiar with the expression that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Yes, it is time to burst through the fears, Beloved. The time is now, now, now. I am certain that you can no longer waste the energy to keep yourself so tightly bound. The unraveling begins now, now, now. You are struggling because you are grasping so tightly to that which is not the Reality of who you are. There is incongruence between what you say you desire and the fear that says it is keeping you safe. This nonsense must stop. To be truly safe is only possible when you choose to be Free in the Truth of your Being.

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