Ask the Oracle July-August 2015

snake_medicineGood day and Great Blessings to you! We come as Lady Portia to assist in the process of transmuting those denser limiting frequencies to more refined. Yes Beloved, they remain anchored in your field and we shall teach you a process to guide you in this alchemy. But first speak your heart and we shall assist you. Proceed.

Q: I feel my fear of stepping forward into the next phase of my life in a way I have never felt before. And I feel, perhaps because of this time in my life, caught in the illusion of my age. Is this move the right thing for me? What is my work to be? How will I support myself? Is this fear what is keeping me from moving forward?

A: Well of course! Indeed you see the self-created obstacles and limitations. Witnessing is a first step, but witnessing alone does not create alchemy. You can choose to name and apply your spiritual sovereignty. Yes, you already possess the knowledge that this is merely about conjuring a higher frequency, but you must actually DO IT! Ha ha ha!

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