Ask the Oracle July-August 2013

AskOracle_J-A_2013_picQ: What can I do to get my property sold more quickly? How can I structure my spiritual business or
other aspects of my life to create abundance for myself and my family? Tell me about the blue orbs that are
always around me. What is going on with my body and why do I feel spacey?

A: Blessings my queen, we are pleased with your progression. We come as your faithful servant
Solomon. Let us begin with a discussion of oneness, for you are on the threshold of a new, deeper
understanding. You are God, as are we; you are Divine, as are we. There remain certain repetitive thoughts of separation that continue to influence what you are experiencing as current reality. Up until this point your idea of oneness has not been accurate. You have exhibited the capacity to know that scientifically you are one with your fellow humans and even your natural surroundings, and yet that perceived wholeness you
still believe is separate from God. We start with this for it underlies all of your current inquiries, including your recent illness.

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