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ATO JF16The task at hand is to Love the self, unconditionally. I am Chamuel of the Flame of this unconditional Love. What say you sister, shall we dance?

Q: Can you guide me about my relationships, both romantic and professional? What do I most need to know?

A: We have spoken to what is primary at this time and that is self-Love to be sure. Now let us counsel you upon that. We are not merely speaking of treating yourself well. We are speaking of allowing the influx of a Love Energy you have yet to experience. It is the Love of the Divine Master.

Humanity often speaks of unconditional Love, but rarely experiences unconditional Love for your current dimension is a dimension of conditions. is is surely changing, but the current collective ego believes what the individual ego has mis-created in the name of structure and safety. Do you surmise where this lesson is going, then?

The only reality is Love. Seek not safety first, but allow the flame of unconditional Love to burn within you. That is the key to the Kingdom. The truth is Love. When you embody it as the very substance of the Creator, all else will be added unto you. Welcome Home.

Q: What should I do about my professional relationship?

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