Ask the Oracle January-February 2015

Ask the Oracle Jan-Feb 2015 Blessings Great Ones. I come as your faithful servant, Portia. I say, Brother, it is time to shift internally your perception of what your feminine energy represents. It is not passive. It is an alert readiness to receive. Be still and receive me now.

There is great strength in your feminine energy. Let old concepts fall away as you embrace anew that which you have resisted because the mind identified the feminine as weak. Forgive yourself for this, even if it was subconscious. Beginners mind, Brother. We shall reveal to you directly the Feminine Power in a way previously inaccessible to you. And yes, it will impact your upcoming trip and open you to new insights regarding your energy soulutions for the planet. Understand this shift must be experiential.

Q: How do I plan for my upcoming trip? What is the big picture I need to be aware of?

A: Plan? Ha ha ha! We think very little of the typical kind of human planning, for it creates barriers and limits. But, we say in a world where there exists density such as yours, it is wise to be safe. Being prepared does not have to flow from a place of fear. You are expanding your awareness of these subtleties, yes Brother?

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