Ask the Oracle January-February 2014

AskTheOracle_Jan-Feb_2014_picQ: What can each of us do every day for the highest good?

A: Blessings Beloved Brother! We come to you as the Masters of the Second Ray, bringing the God-quality of illumination. I shall step forward as the energy known as Djwal Khul.

My young brother, your question is timely and timeless. It is a question posed by many Spiritual seekers,
such as yourself. The answer can be as varied as the unique face of God represented by each seeker, for there are many ways to glorify God.

Let us begin in the obvious place: within. Even though the content of your seemingly individual lives appears to be different, the process of awakening is the same. For even though there appears to be many,
you are one. The fact that you are asking the question on behalf of all, is evidence that the illusion of duality is giving way to the Truth of Oneness in your reality.

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