ask-the-oracle-september-october-2014We come as Chamuel and Gabrielle to inspire and encourage the song of your sweet soul. Let us release it then, shall we, Beloved? We hear your prayers and we see what is in your heart. So let us say that the resistance fabricated by the small mind is no match for the never-ending, unconditional love of God. How shall we assist you then, Beloved?

Q: You say you see what’s in my heart. What do you see?

A: It is really very simple, Beloved. We do not mean to speak in circles or riddles, but that will be the perception of the small mind. The ego, or small mind, as we call it, likes complication. It likes drama. It likes stagnation and complacency. Your so-called illness (cancer) was nothing more than a message from your own oversoul that it could no longer tolerate this stagnation.

The heart speaks a language that is foreign to the small mind, and the task at hand is to quell the din of the mind so that the heart’s agenda may be revealed. Now, Dear One, it is only a preference of the left brain that there be an orderly plan of some sort, for that creates an illusion of safety. But the heart’s language is not a linear one, and must be surrendered to in order for it to remain fluid. Do you see, Beloved?

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