Ask the Oracle: Osiris, Ra and Thoth – November-December 2014

ask-the-oracleBlessings, Brother. We come as the trio of Osiris, Ra and Thoth. There is no more playing small, Brother. Your brothers and sisters require your assistance. How shall we serve you, that you may then serve them? There is no ‘other’ to vilify any longer; it is gone from your perception as we speak.

Q: In past sessions, I have undergone energetic work such as quickenings. I am ready for whatever transformation is next.

A: And so we have responded to your invitation. We only lend the spark, Brother; know that we exist already as energies within you. There is true power in you already, Brother; we step forward to set it free.

There is an ownership issue that haunts you as part of this life’s story, as well as stories from other dimensional realities. True spiritual power is the ability to lead not through coercion, but by example. It is time. And any remnants of false humility no longer serve neither yourself nor those awaiting your arrival on the Inner Throne.

Do not block us, Brother. Feel us as we enter through the spot at the back of your neck. Use this infusion to integrate all of the energies we and other masters have provided in the last two years.

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