Ask the Oracle: Zadkiel

Greetings Sister. Shall we begin with death, then? We step forward as Zadkiel of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. And that is all that death is, Beloved, a transmutation of energy. The worlds of form and formless exist in the hands of the Creator. One is neither superior, nor inferior, to the other. To die before you die, that is the task at hand, Sister: to die to the small mind and its rigid identifications, especially its identification with the body.

You may say, “Yes Zadkiel, I know this.” But in the form of intellectual belief only – this serves you not at all. It is embodiment of Truth, not intellectual knowledge that is the basis of the true wisdom that you seek. And sister, it is not in the places you seek it: it is not in books or seminars or workshops. You have all you need to uncover truth in the midst of what is appearing as your current perceived challenges. Speak Beloved, where shall we go next?

Q: I am at a crossroads. I have decisions to make. I am trying to gure out the best plan. My son is living somewhere else. What’s the best plan for me right now?

A: Step one: relax. Step two: relax. Step three: relax. Step four: still the mind. Step ve: put yourself rst. Step six: relax. This is your simple plan given directly from an Archangel. You laugh, Beloved, but take this point to heart: human planning is overrated and as long as you are obsessively planning with your human mind, your small mind fraught with limitations, there is no room for Divine planning to reveal itself.

Now let us speak of putting yourself rst. The small mind has been conditioned to believe that this is sel sh and wrong. But pause and take in the Gospel, which states Be Still and Know That I Am God. How do you expect purpose to be revealed if you are not still, Beloved? Do you see the self-sabotage at work here? The small mind believes wholly in its mission to keep you safe. And its de nition of safe includes keeping you chasing your tail in the form of obsessive planning. But you have not come to play it safe. You have come to Love beyond measure, to ful ll your Divine mission, to make the world a little better, to soar, Beloved. Are you ready? For you cannot step into the Violet Flame and expect to remain in the comfort of familiarity.

Q: What about my relationship?

A: We do not want to sound like a cliché, Beloved, but we must advise to follow your heart. And of course to hear what the heart desires also requires stilling the mind. We will say that suffering of any kind does not Glorify God. Stilling the mind also affects perception, Dear One. It returns you to a state of self-trust and it is only in a state of self-trust that these decisions before you can be made with confidence and with out fear.

It is truly your year, Beloved, if you so choose. Worry not about others’ thoughts, opinions and reactions to your emerging greatness. Die before you die beloved Sister: it is the key to a life well
lived. Oh, and in case you missed it: RELAX. We love you unconditionally.

The Oracle of the Angel Board creates an energentic bridge that facilitates communication with high vibrational beings that can assist you in answering questions about your life.

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