Ask the Oracle May-June 2014

ask-the-oracle-may-june-2014 Q: How do I overcome my fears?

A: Blessings Beloved, I come to you as Emmanuel, as you suspected I might, in response to such a query. I have come to remind you how simple it is. I have come to remind you of the softness that it is possible to walk with in your world, even a world with so many seemingly sharp edges.

We invite you to contemplate the choice of the language “overcome.” It says much, does it not? It carries the vibration of triumphing over something that is perceived as other, as separate, as an obstacle. But who, Dear One do you think has put obstacles in your way? God? Ha ha ha ha!

Fear is not haphazard. It is not free floating and you do not catch a case of “the fears.”It is created by, and emanates from, the ego. It is “The Fall”, the belief in separation, that made the ego. And it is fear that is its sustenance. In the absence of a belief in separation, neither fear, nor the ego exist. Furthermore, you know this to be true from personal experience.

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