Ask the Oracle: Archangel Raphael - Blessings

Blessings Dear One. It is a good day indeed, yes? I come as Archangel Raphael. I bring you glad tidings and the energy of the Emerald Flame of deep healing. Are you surprised I have come? I think not, for you have often felt our presence, especially at this time of year. We say your connection to us, as well as the Master you call Jesus, is Real; more real than anything your senses report as real.

Rest assured, no matter how much earthly pain you have experienced, we have never forsaken you. Your earthly pains serve a purpose and that is to lead you to the Truth that there is more to your existence – so much more that the mind could never grasp it. Shall we speak of forgiveness, then, or shall we go in a direction of your choosing?

Q: Am I on the right career path, or should I change jobs?

A: Well then, we shall speak of the mind and the heart, Dear One. Believe us when we say you cannot make a wrong decision. You can, however, postpone the inevitable journey that is led by the heart rather than the mind.

Understand we do not condemn the mind; it is useful in your dimension. It allows for learning skills and organizing tasks, but Dear One, that is not your life.  Your Life is an energy field created by God that these activities arise and disappear in. Your career choice reflects the current thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are being held in this field by your mind.  But the real you is so much more than a conglomeration of thoughts and opinions, and it already exists in its perfection.  It is the activity of the mind that veils your true magnificence. Your heart is the door into the truth of your being.  Let’s play a game, shall we?  What if in this moment, you had a clean slate, so to speak – no obligations, no history of any kind.  What would your heart choose to express?

Mind the mind as thoughts come rushing in about what it has established as your reality. We encourage you in the direction of your heart and tell you nothing is impossible. It is only fear that makes it seem so. But as the Master proved, fear is a phantom and there is nothing more powerful than the love of the Creator, which has always, and will forever be, in the chamber known as your heart.

Q: What should I do differently to fulfill my purpose?

A: Yes, that is what we have spoken of: it is time to put the heart in the lead by quieting the mind.  Listen well, Beloved, for we are not speaking of unfulfilled desires of the past, but of opening the door to the truth of you.  When this truth is realized, it matters not what you choose to do to earn money; your true self has no use for it because it recognizes that all has already been given to you.  Do you follow where we lead then? Understand whatever practices you undertake, meditation, yoga, Reiki, are not the ends in and of themselves; they are not the truth of your being, but they point to the truth.  Do you see, Beloved?

Q: Is there anything else you want to share with me?

A: Indeed, Beloved. We wish to share our very essence, for it is the same as yours, given by the Creator, eternal and magnificent.  Look for us – we shall show a demonstration of our presence before the day is through.  We are Real, and you have a Reality – beyond this one held in place by incessant thought. Great joy is present in every moment.  The Truth is hidden in plain sight, waiting, waiting, for that gap in thought.  Make it so, Beloved.

The Oracle of the Angel Board creates an energentic bridge that facilitates communication with high vibrational beings that can assist you in answering questions about your life.


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