Ask the Oracle July-August 2017

Welcome to the new threshold. This day I step forward as Faith. I wish to introduce myself to you, for I am much more than a word, much more than a mental construct. I am Lord Michael’s Feminine Complement, and it is time for you, Beloved, to embody the energy I offer. What does this mean to you Beloved? Speak your heart not your mind. What does your life become when you embody faith?

Q: Am I on my path? How am I doing? Where do I need more fine-tuning?

A: We know your heart and your thoughts. We always respond to your prayers. It is a matter of raising your frequency to better hear us. And so Beloved, I am the answer you seek: I am faith. And we do wish for you to pause and contemplate our question. Faith melts away fear like ice on a hot summer day. Proceed with your answer and genuinely open to us as you ponder what your life is with the embodiment of my energy.

Q: Can you tell me about my son’s Racing Career?

A: The feeling of the brush of our wings is real, Beloved, more real than any earthly circumstance. To embody faith is to bring forth that which exists within you as your birthright. You are divinely human: never forget this. And as we turn to your question, we remind you that your children are divinely human as well and so our advice does not differ. All that is not joy is denial and sometimes a discouraging circumstance is designed by the Soul to lead one beyond comfort to greater Truth. But you already know this, yes Beloved? And that is why we ask you to teach.

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