Twin Flames Nada and Sananda

Blessings Dear One. What we offer today and always are unconditional love and compassion. We are Twin Flames Nada and Sananda. We bring you the frequencies today of the Thirteenth Ray. Yes, you have progressed Beloved. We wish to neutralize the habit of harshness you engage in. We wish to cultivate the habit of self compassion. Speak now, Brother. How shall we serve?

Q: What comes to mind right now is, why do people who call on Jesus for healing not receive it, when it appears in the Bible that everyone who came to you for healing received it?

A: If you are asking did I have a perfect track record the answer is no, ha ha ha! There were many physical, mental and emotional healing. Of course there were many factors, including my own ability to transcend my own human mind to see the potential of each Soul seeking healing.

What does this have to do with you? Everything ha ha ha! Because you must believe in your own potential to overcome the habit of harshness and cultivate a new habit. The most effortless healings happened because of the state of innocence. Notice I refer to this as a state, not a belief in innocence. Do you feel the difference? This state is not a state of mind, but a state of being.

And so to cultivate deep self-love and compassion, you must allow yourself the experience of innocence. First, your mind will demand to see proof that the concept of innocence applies to you, and the mind will err in its not nding such evidence. But we direct you inward to the heart where the state of innocence abounds. And so when your mind argues that innocence only applies to others and not to you, which it inevitably will, we say to move into limitless potential, for that you have cultivated well. And so quiet the mind’s search for evidence by reasoning that limitless potential de facto includes the state of innocence. This way your mind becomes a helpful friend.

The root of your current harshness habit comes from naming the mind as foe. You may think this is contrary to past messages, but it is not. Mind as foe creates a state of antagonism, whereas mind as friend is included in the transcendent state of limitless potential. Do you see, brother?

Q: The fact that you showed up as Twin Flames, my mind/ ego wants to make it about relationship, but please continue with what I need to know.

A: Ha ha ha! The ego searches for love, usually in all the wrong places. Let go of the search and cultivate that deep self love and that in itself leads to the expansion in which limitless potential is embraced and known. For that is where she exists. Yes, she exists in that field and self-love and compassion are the means to expand to meet her. Do you see? When you feel lonely is when you can cultivate greater self-love. We see you have moved away from the vibration of “lack of love” and now cultivating true unconditional love for yourself is the next vibrational expansion, yes?

Q: Keep it coming. Thirteenth Ray?

A: It may seem confusing. We say Thirteenth Ray and one may assume that somehow makes us farther away! But we have moved a vibrational octave – it has nothing to do with distance.

We say continue. Even when it feels daunting to engage in the practices you know bring Truth nearer. It is simply the last vestiges of the denser vibrations falling away. Let them go. Cling not to the familiar, but embrace limitless potential and refine your vibration. We bestow our deepest love and respect. Blessings Brother.

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