Ask the Oracle: Masters of the Second Ray

Q: What does 2017 hold for the potential evolution of humanity?

A: Greetings and deepest blessings to you Beloved. We are the Masters of the Second Ray. Come nigh, and step into the river of golden consciousness, allow it to spark the threefold flame burning within your heart. Evolution you say? Indeed there is plenty to work with! It is of course less about “the year” than it is about the state of collective human consciousness. There are those whose slumber remains so very deep, but judge them not Dear One. The deeper the slumber, the more dramatic the sounding of the alarm of awakening must be, yes? Collective consciousness appears to ebb and flow, but know Beloved that what is Real is eternal and unchanging.

We feel your trepidation at that word, unchanging, for it evokes fear from the perspective of the small mind. Unchanging implies “static,” but this could not be further from the Truth. Realization of the awakened state is anything but static, Beloved. One of the favorite engagements of the small mind is the activity of “self-Improvement.” But enlightenment, or Cosmic Christ Illumination, has nothing to do with self-improvement. Self-improvement is the small mind’s attempt to circumnavigate the Soul’s driving desire to draw you into the Realm of Truth.

And know Beloved that potential is not dependent on the seeming circumstances that unfold in your world, no matter what the year. Human potential is infinite; it exists outside of time. A more dramatic sounding of the alarm of awakening does not increase the amount of available potential. The seeming circumstances of your world provide a context in which the Soul’s driving desire to draw you into the Realm of Truth becomes the obvious choice over the continued suffering promulgated by remaining under the spell of separation cast by the small mind.

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