With the season of spring upon us, we are reminded of new growth, possibilities and infinite potential. That is where we feel we are with E.P.I.C. We want to extend a deep, heart-felt thank you to everyone who supports us: contributors, readers, advertisers, distributors – you are all an integral part of an expansive vision and growing community.

We know change is challenging – any kind of change. Even if our minds label it positive, change brings up fear, angst, apprehension; everything we tend to not want to look at. But look we shall. And we can support one another as we shine our light where it seems not to be. For Spiritual veterans and newcomers alike, it seems that if we are not willing to move beyond our comfort zone, we get pushed. That push can be a gentle nudge or all out calamity depending on what we need to move us out of the arena of playing small.

We said “yes” to Spirit”; we said “yes” to cultivating a new paradigm of collaboration, even though we were not (and are not) sure what it all means. But we do know that there is a certain way of being, a certain way we want to live our lives that feels right. It feels heart centered, inclusive, balanced and aligned with something omnipresent and unnamable. And we know you feel it too. There would be no “us”, no E.P.I.C., without “you”. This is your forum, your opportunity to shine, your moment to share your magnificence. So come join us and play your part in the evolution of humanity. There are no insignificant roles in this grand unfoldment.

We hope that what is shared in this issue inspires you to play big. It is really the only way to go.

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In this issue:

  • Reclaiming Your Life
  • Reiki’s Timeless Energy
  • The Consciousness Shift from Me to We
  • Dancing for Rain
  • It’s Never Too Late (or too soon) to Live Your Dreams
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