Wild RomanceThe natural world mates and creates through an alluring love dance, and it wants you to feel and remember your part. Many male bird species create an exquisite show to attract females. Frogs, spiders, ravens, eagles, and a variety of other animals each have their own unique courting rituals. Furthermore, wind dances with trees, and the first snowflakes of winter kiss the grasses. A thunderstorm roars, and lightning brightens the sky.

Have you ever sensed anything stalking you? Mystery, Earth, your soul? Or perhaps your own longing to love and live, fully alive?

A grand romance is calling you, if you’ll surrender to the mysterious fascinations that can devastate, enchant, or carry you into magic and rapture. Take a moment to wonder: What stirs and touches you deeply? What evokes your terror, tears, or tenderness? Saying “yes” to these allurements you grow more alive, forever evolving; yet it also necessitates a periodic reshaping of your life that can be deeply challenging.

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