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“The next 20 years will be nothing like the last twenty years” is an admonishment often repeated by the popular and critically intelligent Peak Prosperity blog. Anyone analyzing the exponential growth trends
of energy use, resource extraction, forest loss, or population growth, understands the gravity of the statement and its far-reaching implications. Buckling up for the zombie apocalypse does little for our future resilience, neither does rehashing a litany of bleak statistics. A more pro-active effort
is to begin retelling the story or narrative of our society, as well as reframing the motivations of our choices and actions. A more holistic life narrative for individuals and communities is one that establishes healthier and more effective choices, actions, and habits.

Adam Taggart, in his recent blog post, Getting Our Story Straight is a Matter of Life & Death (Literally)* stated, “The stories we tell ourselves not only ultimately determine our actions, but they determine how we perceive the world around us.” Changing one’s perception of the world fundamentally affects how we participate in it and the collective choices and priorities we make in our communities. If the next twenty years will be wildly different from the last twenty, and that difference will show up in the daily habits of individuals and communities invested towards cultivating resilience in the face of change, then food systems – a fundamental expression of society – will be an ideal place to participate in that shift.

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