We have been told that the dawning of a Golden Age is upon us. What does this mean, and how do we get there from here? Some people think we don’t have to do anything; that this movement will spring up all around us on its own. Others are taking a more proactive approach to align with this global transition, learning how to thrive amidst change.

In Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda mentions cosmic cycles and the end of a current transformative era called Kali Yuga. Nostradamus and Edgar Casey were famous for their abilities to see into the future and both foretold the end of a primitive era and the unfolding of a more conscious age, commonly known as the “Golden Age.” The past has revealed humanity’s primitive behavior as apocalyptic and confrontational. Many changes must be implemented on our planet before we can really call this our finest hour as a species, to be able to refer directly to this time as the Golden Age. Yet, we can be thrilled with the challenge and enjoy the experience of these shifts as they unfold.

Many feel these changes happening in their physical bodies. It is time to invite and get to know Divinity within the nucleus of our cells! We can allow more Consciousness to penetrate into the human realm. This process takes courage and is not for the faint of heart. We are embarking upon the task of becoming instruments for Divine Grace and are therefore afforded the opportunity to do Divine work in the world. What a privilege, but WOW, what a lot of work to do!

A general quickening has begun to occur in our thoughts and activity as a new, “normal” way of life. Scientists are confirming an increase in metabolic rates for our species from as short as 500 years ago. We are physiologically different human beings than those 20 generations in the past. Yes, evolution is happening that fast! Climates are changing and temperatures are increasing for multiple planets in our solar system; exemplifying larger patterns in our collective transformation.

A wise sage once said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

We have been asking for Truth, Love and Light to dawn upon us, sometimes demanding that change occur “right now.” But if we act prematurely, we may only impede the spiritual growth of the planet. We must remain patient; waiting for the right timing of our highest destiny to unfold. We must be fully prepared and committed to take responsibility for the state of Life around us, and embody the best choices for future generations to live by.

There are groups of people who are interested in creating sustainable communities that grow food and families together, while maintaining their health and that of the ecosystem. With the use of functional management practices, like biodynamics and permaculture methods, we begin to steward the earth in wise ways leading to balance with Mother Nature.

And yet, the current state of Life around us still holds much evidence of the primitive era that is coming to a close. Many remain unconscious of the changing reality, pacifying themselves with the drama of media and the consumerism it seeks to maintain; continuing to make themselves ill from the poor nutrition of junk foods, which in turn perpetuates a culture of expensive medical care and drugs. Mainstream media is corporately controlled and our free access to information could be limited or completely censored, as in Asia for example. Courage to disclose the Truth could result in the risk of a reporter’s life. Legislative adjustments to our freedom often happen behind the scenes.

Jimmy Carter recently said that there is no real democracy happening in our country any longer. The government has the ability to take control of our resources, (food supply, land, water, etc.) our healthcare and our liberties unless we figure out how to manage these things collectively and learn to live sustainably. We must look beyond the dualities of black or white, democrat or republican, home team or visiting team, to envision what is possible for our future as a civilization. As we return to Unity within ourselves, we can begin to integrate functional, local, community-based solutions to the challenges we currently face. As a species we can adapt to tumultuous weather climates, social change, and the potential health challenges they present. Our bodies can be prepared for change. Natural medicine and healthy water are two of our greatest assets. But more than that, it’s going to take an investment in The Life Force itself. Some refer to this ever-pervasive source of strength and unity as “God,” “The Universe,” “Divine Mother/Father,” “The Supreme,” “The Absolute,“ and many other names as well. This grand unifier of all things is our lifeline back to original Oneness, and It has an inherent wisdom to help us along the pathway of evolution.

Learning to turn inward and reflect on our own lives will inform us how to live in accord with Divine principles. Having faith is essential to remaining grounded in these changes at hand – physically, emotionally, socially, and at the level of the Soul. There are pure values that guide us from within, these qualities of Grace exist inside each and every person, but our relationship with them must be cultivated. This is how we begin to position ourselves in alignment with the evolutionary shift occurring now.

Ancient Taosts, Sufis, Essenes and other sects of people who banded together when the mainstream was out of balance, teach that the Soul is the creator within us that is asking for purification of our conditioned perpetual desire. The Soul can liberate us from karma and the wheel of maya in this lifetime. By relaxing into the loving embrace of Divine Will, we are sure to be renewed by surrendering all of our human tendencies for error.

It is possible that renewing a Divine Life and our faith in each other can restore our kinship with this great planet we call home. We can build the community support systems necessary to withstand the collapse of the current, primitive social structures and we can be rooted more firmly in the practices that are aligned with resilience. This is how we become instruments of Grace. And this is how all people of the world can be well, cared-for, and have access to the resources necessary to thrive.

Environmental Biologist, Acupuncturist, and Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Tyler VanGemert LAc uses elements of both eastern and western traditions to facilitate safety and comfort for patient care. Methods include Functional medicine, herbalism, and meditation to name a few. As founder of Mountain Medicine Acupuncture, Tyler seeks to empower everyone to take their health back into their own hands. 970.247.1233 or www.MountainMedicineAcupuncture.com.

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