What We Practice

We wish we were happy but we practice being unhappy. We wish we were enlightened but we practice being separate and unenlightened. We tend to practice all the things we say we don’t want: anxiety, judgment, unhappiness and unworthiness. We practice being separate, which becomes part of our identity and belief system. Our actions and way of being then arise from this false system of beliefs instead of from our truth. We have practiced these things for so long it has become a way of life; we believe it is who we are. This is where awareness and self-inquiry come in: you can’t change something, or let it go, if you’re not aware of it.

Unawareness is the way of being for most people on this planet. We are conditioned to follow our minds and believe the ego-mind is who we are. So we practice the thoughts and beliefs of the ego- mind until that is how we show up in the world. In our culture we are conditioned to be good worker bees and good consumers; to be like sheep; to follow rather than lead. Our education and religious systems teach competition, repetition and separation.

Our conditioning works as a form of brainwashing that tells us who and how we should be. And then we unwittingly practice that until we believe it to such an extent that we cannot see beyond it. The mind creates a story of who we are. Thoughts feed us the script and we follow that script until we die or begin to awaken to our true self. We have practiced playing a role for so long that we forget we are free to choose a new role or simply let go of roles altogether.

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